From many years, I am working in the hosting business and I have noticed many times, domain names expires without the owner’s knowledge. Letting the domain name expire can be very costly. If the domain name goes into the “Redemption” period, the renewal cost can be more than Rs. 2500. Worse, it can be owned by domain squatters.

You can protect your domain by having some key information!

The administrative contact email is one that you use often. Also it should not be based off of the same domain name. I am having my Gmail account that I am using from many years. I also get notification of my emails on my messenger and mobile.

In your domain’s control panel, turn the auto-renew option on. You can turn it off if you no longer need it.

Another mistake that i have noticed is that your registrar or web designer may register it with their name. During any disagreement, they may hold it. Whenever you register a domain from any service provider make sure that it is registered under your email address and your name. Also you may ask for the login credentials to manage it yourself.

For organizations that are having governing structure, register the domain name under an company email address. In this way, if there is a new person in charge, you can provide access to the email address.

To summarize:

  • Make sure that your email address is used as the administrative contact of your domain name.
  • The email address that you have used must not be based off of the same domain name.
  • It is recommended to use the auto-renew option if available.
  • If the domain name is used for the company, than use an email address that is setup for your company.
  • And often check your website!

If you have a method of managing your domain names, I would love to hear from you. Please share them in the comments below.

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