Enterprise Email – the latest addition to our range of products is now live! Your customers can now move to one of the most powerful and secure email & collaboration suites in the industry! We have incorporated your suggestions from the BETA phase and launched Enterprise Email on the all new OX7 App Suite.

Enterprise Email – Your Business Advantage

At a special introductory price of just Rs 109 per account, per month, we’re thrilled to introduceEnterprise Email, a robust communication and collaboration solution for businesses. Here’s why Enterprise Email is the perfect product for your business:

 Cost Effective
Our Enterprise Email service is priced at a monthly price of just Rs 109 per account. Unlike other providers we allow you to choose your plan and thereby save huge cost when you use this product.
 Gain a Clear Competitive Advantage 
Address the privacy and information security concerns of your business by offering you a service that offers the complete control over access to your data. We are a reliable provider of email and business data management that helps tackle the market’s data integrity, compliance and security concerns.

Powerful & Feature Packed

Enterprise Email is a robust communication and collaboration solution that will meet all your requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

  • 24×7 Live Support: Our support offers unparalleled assistance round the clock. To back this up, we have clearly defined SLAs in place along with a well trained Support Team. Unlike other providers, our support team boasts of deep knowledge of the Enterprise Email architecture as they were involved in its development blueprints allowing them to provide quick, accurate responses to help you run your business smoothly.
  • Abundant & Reliable Storage: With 30 GB (25 GB for emails + 5 GB for documents) storage per user, our offering is on par with or better than any competing email solution providers in the market. Our customers never have to worry about running out of email space or risk losing any data as it is all backed-up in our state-of-the-art storage infrastructure!
  • Mobility: You can connect your default email apps on iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian to access the collaborative business mailbox on the go. We offer a one-click auto-configuration for select smart phones.
  • Collaboration: With Enterprise Email, you can boost the productivity of your businesses by integrating email, appointment, contact and file management with information management and document sharing tools. Central storage of documents prevents duplicated work and reduces the amount of email traffic; users send a URL, and not large email attachments.
  • Social: Aggregate email and synchronizes contact information from social networks and other email accounts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. into a single application. Enables users to publish and share documents and contact information with their network.

Here’s how Enterprise Email stacks up against competition:


Enterprise Email

Google Mail

Mailbox Size



Drive Storage per user



Shared Calendar



Outlook Support



Indexing of Email Content for Ads




Rs. 95

Rs. 150

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